25 January 2000

Global Alliance for World Peace

On the Maharishi Channel broadcast today was the historic signing of an agreement between the Russian Academy of Sciences and Maharishi University of Management Vlodrop. The leaders of the Russian delegation which traveled Asia for the Eastern Alliance have been in Vlodrop meeting with Maharishi and formulated an action plan to realise this supreme goal of World Peace.

The members of the delegation are all highly respected intellectuals and are government advisors. They plan to bring this knowledge of how to create peace using Maharishi's Vedic technologies to all countries through their academic and diplomatic connections. As one of them said - this is not some dry piece of paper. It was obvious they are men and women of great compassion with a desire to do something practical to make the world a better place.

The two main delegates are leading Russian figures and they spoke with great admiration, respect and gratitude for Maharishi's work. Benjamin Feldman also spoke of making the rouble an international currency and using it to help underdeveloped countries.

Maharishi spoke briefly at the end and told Bevan to thank the delegation over and over again for this great thing they have done.

26 January 2000

Global Alliance celebration continued

Todays broadcast contained the continuation of the celebration in honour of the Russian delegation. In what was obviously a surprise to everyone Maharishi said they should be honoured with Doctoral degrees of Law from Maharishi University of Management.

They were genuinly delighted and accepted with great humility. The two leaders of the delegation were Prof. Osipov, President of the Academy of Social Sciences of All Russia and Prof. Kapto, Ambassador at large and V.P. of the Academy. He was also Russian Ambasserdor to Cuba and N. Korea and former Head of the Policy Committee of the Central Committe of the USSR and former Vice President of the Ukraine.

They are deeply commited to create and Eastern Alliance for World Peace leading to a Global Alliance. Prof. Kapto delayed many other official duties when he realised the importance of the Asian tour. Both are greatly concerned to create peace in the world and to bring about a multi-polar world as opposed to the uni-polar world led by the United States.

Maharishi felt that this action of this delegation was something extraordinary and historical and that what we have seen in the last days, with this agreement, is a turning point in the world. (In a broadcast earlier this year, Bevan said that this year there will be a phase transition).

Maharishi felt they should be honoured for their acheivement and commitment to implementing this agreement to create a Global allinace to transform peace and economy to be ideal for every nation.

Prof. Osipov: "We are very much touched by all Maharishi is giving us. With profound gratitude we accept this."

Prof. Kapto: "I consider this to be an overevaluation of what we have just done. For me it means we have to do much more to justify this honour. I want to address words of sincere and profound gratitude and I want to thank Maharishi for all the great attention he has given us and our acheivement. Today is a significant day when we signed this agreement. Now when we hear this unexpected news, I can't find the words to express my feelings."

Maharishi, "This is a cosmic voice of a new world for world peace."

Prof Kapto: "I will do everything I can to materilise what we have agreed here. In this wonderful and auspicious moment, I want to thank again and again Maharishi for that deep understanding and co-operation. I want to work for peace.

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