5ESS Switch Very Compact Digital Exchange (VCDX)

The smallest configuration of the 5ESS (5E) family, the 5ESS Very Compact Digital Exchange (VCDX) switch is a compact, packet-ready switch that delivers a full range of services from a single platform, using the same hardware and software as our full-size switch. As part of our 5ESS Switch portfolio, the VCDX is the industry's most reliable switching platform and combines the speed and flexibility of a modern workstation with the high capacity of a world-class switching system.

The VCDX can easily evolve into a full-size switch or become an element in a packet network within our Circuit-to-Packet Networks architecture, a convergent architecture that provides both cost-saving packet functionality and high-quality voice functionality. It is the ideal product for bridging the transition of circuit networks to Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) / Internet Protocol (IP) networks. The smaller VCDX enables a minimal circuit switch investment to efficiently evolve into a data network that provides a mix of circuit and data switching to meet your customer's demands.

Whether you're a voice, Internet, or applications service provider, the VCDX gets you operational quickly and economically.

The VCDX provides the same dependable features of a full 5ESS switch in a much smaller footprint, allowing your customers to offer the same broad array of services that a larger switch could offer. Ideal for residential, rural, and suburban markets, the VCDX is also fully scalable to a full 5ESS switch, letting your customers preserve their investment when their capacity demands increase.

The VCDX switch offers:

Modular Design

The VCDX allows your customers to dedicate space incrementally for specific services as they need it. The VCDX can easily evolve into a full-size switch, or it can become an element in a packet network within our Circuit-to-Packet architecture.

Minimum Footprint

Reliable Platform

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) consistently rates the 5ESS family among the industry's most reliable platforms, with the least amount of downtime of any switch in its class.

Remote Capability

Service Capabilities

The VCDX supports a wide variety of voice, data, and wireless services in a compact, digital switch:

Line and Trunk Capacity

The VCDX can support:

Toll / Tandem Capacity

The VCDX can support 16,000 Trunk DSOs, any combination of T1s (max 2,880), and STS1s.

Key Characteristics

The VCDX has:


5E10 to 5E11, 5E11 to 5E12, 5E12 to 5E13, 5E13 to 5E14 - International Releases also.

Supported SS7 and Link Sets

The VCDX supports 32 CCS signaling links (CCSLKs) and 16 link sets.

Multiple Applications

The 5ESS Switch can deliver any media from one single platform.

5ESS/VCDX in Russian

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