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ITU-Telecommunication Standards (www.itu.int/publications)

ITU-T Recommendations:

The ITU-T Recommendations are the international standards developed by the Telecommunication Standardisation Sector (formerly CCITT) of the ITU. They are the result of studies carried out on technical, operating and tariff questions with the aim of ensuring world-wide interconnectivity and interoperability, including radio systems in public telecommunication networks, and the level of performance required for these interconnections. There are currently over 2,600 ITU-T Recommendations in force, the majority of which are new or revised Recommendations that have appeared since the CCITT Blue Book (1988). These Recommendations have been approved at ITU-T Study Group Meetings by the Members of the ITU-T Sector. They include any amendments or editorial changes that might have been made during the editing process. They are published in English, French and Spanish. Some of them are also available in Arabic, Chinese and Russian in printed form.

The collection now also includes the pre-published (available in their original language) and superseded Recommendations. The pre-published Recommendations do not include any amendments or editorial changes that might be made during the editorial process. The superseded Recommendations have been replaced by a new version or have been declared as being obsolete.

The Recommendations are published on paper, on CD-ROM and online (as a yearly subscription service or purchase of individual documents). A list of all ITU-T Recommendations currently in force, the associated software packages and the ITU-T Supplements is provided in the List of ITU-T Recommendations. The printed version is available free of charge from the ITU Sales Service.

ITU-T Recommendations on paper

All ITU-T Recommendations currently in force are published in individual fascicles by Recommendation number. The printed collection does not include the pre-published Recommendations. (Although Superseded Recommendations on paper could be ordered, it is more convenient to obtain an electronic copy from the ITU Electronic Bookshop). Prices for individually published ITU-T Recommendations are based on the number of pages and vary according to fascicle (see List of Recommendations). Blue Book Recommendations still in force are also available in individual volumes from the Sales Service while they remain in stock. Standing orders for all new or revised Recommendations as well as for specific Series could be made by contacting the Sales Service.

ITU-T Recommendations on CD-ROM

This publication contains all ITU-T Recommendations currently in force in two formats. The first disc contains the Recommendations in hypertext format for full-text search and browsing. The second disc contains all Recommendations in their original Word for Windows format, as well as related software. The collection now also includes the pre-published Recommendations (available in their original language). Issues are published quarterly in separate English, French and Spanish editions.

ITU-T Recommendations Online

This yearly subscription service contains all ITU-T Recommendations in force in English, French and Spanish. These are organised by Series and are available either in their original Microsoft Word for Windows format, or in PostScript format which is gradually being replaced by Adobe Acrobat PDF format. This service now also includes the pre-published (available in their original language) and superseded Recommendations. For discounts and multi-user prices please see below. Detailed product description and licence agreement are available in the Publication notice.

ITU-T Recommendations from the Electronic Bookshop

Any individual ITU-T Recommendation currently in force can be downloaded and paid for by credit card (Visa, American Express and Mastercard) or charged to an account. Documents are in Microsoft Word for Windows, PostScript or Adobe Acrobat PDF formats. This service now also includes the pre-published (available in their original language) Recommendations at a premium price as well as superseded Recommendations.

It is now possible to purchase several items at any one time with the new shopping basket feature. For more details, please see the ITU Electronic Bookshop. No discounts are available and publications are licensed for a single user.

ITU-T Recommendations software

1. For customers using the ITU-T Recommendations in printed version, software is available on diskettes or on CD-ROM assembled in special folders with the related document.

2. The ITU-T Recommendations Online subscribers could download most of the software from the online server, except those which are just too big (e.g. T.24, P.50, P.561, etc.). These specific CD-ROMs can be obtained from the Sales service. Finding the software in the hierarchy of Series is not always easy.

3. Subscribers or buyers of individual issues of the ITU-T Recommendations on CD-ROM find the software included on the disc, except those published on specific CD-ROMs (e.g. T.24, P.50, P.561, etc.).

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