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9 April 1999

The following is the text of an announcement that is being placed in all
editions of tomorrow's "Financial Times" (Saturday 10 April 1999):



His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who introduced Transcendental Meditation
to the world forty years ago, and opened the gateway of enlightenment to
millions of people, has now established the Endowment Fund for Perpetual
World Peace to forever free our world family from the fear of terrorism,
war, and destruction.

The horrors of war being witnessed in Yugoslavia are creating fear in the
hearts of everyone everywhere. This crisis is a challenge to the wealthy of
the world to save their own wealth and the life of all the people in their

Today the UN has become a laughing stock, failing everywhere, and is
ignored. So NATO has attempted to control the Yugoslavian situation with
violence. But its bombardment has intensified the disaster, and created a
new bloody history of the world. World peace is now in the hands of those
with the power to destroy.

The danger to the world posed by NATO's bombardment is terrifying. It has
set an example to every nation in the world - if you don't like another
country, and they won't obey you, then bomb them and destroy them.

NATO has effectively legitimized the principle of foreign policy through
violent attack. The result is that now bombardment can happen to any country
in the world at any time. This is the reality - your city could be next.
Therefore, can we wait even a single moment to establish world peace?

What is Happening In Yugoslavia Can Happen To Any Nation At Any Time

Can you imagine if bombs began to fall on Washington, D.C., and to destroy
the high-rises of the money markets of New York? Will NATO be able to
prevent this? When this happens it will be beyond the power even of the
wealthy to save the situation.

When our house is in uncontrollable flames, it is too late to dig a well to
get the water. Better to prevent the house from catching fire in the first
place. A new approach to creating peace is urgently needed - one that
prevents war. And if such an approach exists it must be tried.

Persuasion does not create peace - the UN has proven that. Violence does not
create peace - NATO has proven that. In fact the whole human history has
proven that neither of these approaches works.

So our choices are to accept war throughout the world as inevitable, or to
do something new that really has been demonstrated to create indomitable
world peace.

Peace Can Only Be Created By Taking Recourse to Natural Law

The way to do it is to take recourse to Natural Law. It is possible now to
create a powerful influence of coherence inside and outside of any country
with a group of experts in the technologies of Natural Law (such as
Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying).

The effectiveness of this approach has been demonstrated throughout human
history and by many scientific research studies in the past 20 years in
different small areas of the world. This approach will create such an
integrated and harmonious world consciousness that violent thoughts will
simply not arise, and there will be permanent world peace.

A German physicist Albert Einstein in 1939 proposed to President Roosevelt a
weapon of mass destruction which was used to destroy Hiroshima, and has
controlled the destiny of mankind ever since.

Now a young German scientist of this generation, Professor Volker
Schanbacher, is proposing a new weapon of Natural Law which is nourishing
and peace creating - a technology of peace which every Head-of-State can use
to make his country the Country of World Peace, and erase the memory of
Hiroshima, and the present disaster of NATO.

The choice now for our generation is whether to go for destruction, or rise
above destructive power, and go for the nourishment of all life on earth
through the technologies of Natural Law.

The Wealthy Should Wisely Protect Their Own Wealth and the Life of the Nation

The wealthy leaders of society would be well advised to ensure that they do
not become subject to the influence of destruction that their governments
are creating in the world. Otherwise the destroyer will become the
destroyed, and the people of the nation, the wealth of the nation, and the
life of the nation will be scattered to the winds.

The wealthy would be wise - for their own sake - to take advantage of the
existence of proven technologies of peace. They should create an Endowment
Fund for Perpetual World Peace to prevent terrorism and eliminate the fear
of destruction. They should give 1% of their wealth to this Endowment Fund -
thereby protecting the other 99% of their wealth - and simultaneously save
the future of their country and the world. This is not only charity - it is

The Endowment Fund for Perpetual World Peace

The time is now to establish the Endowment Fund for Perpetual World Peace in
response to the global demand of people everywhere for the creation of world

The income from this Fund will be used by the donors for one purpose alone -
the training and maintenance of a permanent force of experts in creating
World Peace - who create peace not by talking or by bombing but by radiating
peace from the level of infinite peace in the unbounded ocean of
consciousness within every human being.

Creators of the Endowment Fund for Perpetual World Peace may create their
own family endowment fund in their name, and contribute the annual income
from this fund to supporting a group of experts in the technologies of
Natural Law. Or alternatively you may donate to the Maharishi Global
Development Fund, which has established its own Endowment Fund for Perpetual
World Peace, the income from which will support the peace creating groups.

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Maharishi Global Development Fund is a non-profit organization exempt from
taxation in the United States under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal
Revenue Code. Donations made to Maharishi Global Development Fund are tax
deductible in the United States.

For Further Information Write, Fax or E-mail to:

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Endowment Fund for Perpetual World Peace

Endowment Fund for Perpetual World Peace in Russian (Фонд Пожертвований для Нерушимого Всеобщего Мира)