31 March 1999


Dr John Hagelin (www.hagelin.org), presidential candidate of the Natural Law Party of the USA, toured California and Hawaii, delivering a profound new seminar that reveals the deepest structure of natural law and presents the applications of these findings to the individual and society.

At the prestigious Salk Institute in San Diego, Dr. Hagelin, a Harvard-trained physicist who has conducted cutting-edge research at some of the world's leading physics laboratories, presented his talk "The Cosmos Within: Towards a New Science of Personal Growth and Social Governance". In this presentation, he drew upon recent advances in quantum physics and in the ancient Vedic science of consciousness to locate the universal structure of cosmic law within the human physiology and the structure of human consciousness. He showed how every human being is a living embodiment of natural law and carries within his or her mind and body the total organising intelligence of the universe. And he explained how every individual life can become aligned with natural law - and consequently, how thought and action can become as effective and globally enriching as the functioning of nature.

Peter Salk, M.D., and Harold H. Bloomfield, M.D., gave the opening remarks at Dr Hagelin's presentation. A crowd of more than 400 people packed the Salk Institute, overflowed the auditorium, and filled an adjoining lecture hall. The audience, which included several Nobel laureates, Salk Institute research faculty, scholars, political leaders from the San Diego area, and many influential community leaders, gave Dr. Hagelin a standing ovation after his talk.

Dr Hagelin then flew to Honolulu to give a similar seminar, followed by a luncheon for top political and social leaders in the state. He then flew to Kauai, where he gave another public lecture followed by a book signing at a bookstore. He also held a series of meetings with the mayor, the city council, and the warden of the county jail to discuss the Natural Law Party's prevention-oriented approach to health, education, and crime. In addition, at the invitation of the warden, Dr Hagelin spoke to over 200 inmates and their families, who were very excited to hear from a presidential candidate. As a result of these presentations, the mayor immediately took steps to introduce the Party's consciousness-based educational approach to a Kauai high school, and the warden is seeking funds to introduce the Party's field-tested approach to rehabilitation, which includes the Transcendental Meditation programme, in the county jail.

Dr Hagelin also appeared on television six times and aired a one-hour live radio show with Dr Ann West, a well-respected and popular local media personality. Dr West was so impressed by Dr Hagelin's presentation - as was her call-in audience - that she is considering becoming a Party candidate.