a=new Array("","","","","","",""); aMonth=new Array("January","Febrary","March","April","May","June","July","August","September","October","November","December") aWeekDay=new Array("Sunday","Monday","Tuesday","Wednesday","Thursday","Friday","Saturday"); aGraha=new Array("Surya","Chandra","Mangal", "Buddh","Guru","Shukra","Shani"); aPlanet=new Array("The Sun","The Moon","Mars","Mercury","Jupiter","Venus","Saturn"); aColor=new Array("Golden","Milky","Red","Green","Orange","Brilliant","Blue"); aGem=new Array("Ruby","Pearl","Red coral","Emerald","Yellow sapphire","Diamond","Blue sapphire"); aMetal=new Array("Cooper","Stone","Gold","Alloy","Silver","Pearl","Iron"); aBrain=new Array("Thalamus","Hypothalamus","Amygdala","Subthalamus","Globus Pallidus","Substancia Nigra","Putamen"); aDir=new Array("East","North-west","South","North","North-east","South-east","West"); aClothes=new Array("Golden, yellow, orange","White, light","Red, pink","Green, turquoise","Orange, brown","Variegated, bright","Blue, royal blue"); aCol=new Array("#FFA704","white","Red","Green","Orange","white","Blue"); tony_donetsk_ua=43; aTr1=new Array("North","-" ,"East (at a pinch)","West", "West", "North","South"); aTr0=new Array("West", "East","North", "North","South","West", "East" ); a=new Array("","","","","","",""); aKarak=new Array( "Self, internal "self", ego, soul, personality, perception", "Emotions, feelings, wisdom, thinking, receptivity, help, delivery", "Energy, force, bravery, courage, punctuality, rational aggression", "Intelligence, ability to tell the difference, logic, oration, voice", "Wisdom, luck, support of the Nature, happiness, feel of duty, mind", "Beauty, harmony, luxury, comfort, desires, pleasures", "Perseverance, stability, reliability, obstacle, grief"); aDay=new Array( "Day of life, of integrity; day of pure consciousness, of supreme "Self"; holiday", "Day of creativity, day of spontaneous thinking, day of prevailing feelings, of receptivity", "Day of material things; not too favourable day; superficial, rough day", "Day of knowledge, of happiness, of flexibility and cognition; soft, lively, favourable day", "Day of Master, of wisdom, of knowledge, of devotion, of children; the most favourable day in a whole week", "Day of harmony, of completeness, of happiness, of luck, of love, of pleasures, of fine arts", "Day to rest and recover; day of the soil; "slow" day of patience, service, work, charity"); aBirth=new Array( "hero or warrior; conqueror of the battle; bounteous, beneficent, performing good deeds; energetic or enthusiastic and extremely brilliant; of blackish red complexion", "calm, peaceful; sensitive; sweet orator; knows approach to thihgs; a dependant of the power (of the king and government) and makes money of it; mind remains the same in joy and sorrow", "speaks in ironical manner; a lover of war; earns living through land (or agriculture etc.); honest, fair, noble, righteous; of ardent or impetuous nature", "polite; sweet spoken; sociable; of beautiful appearance; possesses wealth; accepts only intellectual knowledge; skilled in arts, in trading; learned; discerns virtues, merits in others", "learned; wealthy; endowed with good qualities; of charming appearance; gets desired objects from the power (the King, government); endeared to the teachers; popular", "has black curly hair, shining happy face; liking for white clothes; follows the right path (righteous); fair; intelligent; sensible; productive; lucky", "firm, reliable, slow, persistent, steady; open minded; looks prematurely old; has a weak body; of somewhat wicked character"); aToDo=new Array( "Enjoy life, The Sun; pay attention to your individuality, your internal "Self"; get to the Nature; work related to goldsmithing, copper, trees, silk, fire; coronation", "Buy new stuff (esp. clothes, accessories and jewlery); get married; make walks; think spontaneously; adopt decisions based on feelings; look for approval from women; do things related to intuition, changes, mothers, water, milk", "Make bets, struggle for justice; do court rulings; fight :-); mind is aimed to the material things in life; do work related to metalls, ore deposits, medicine, fire, electricity; care about health; sport activities", "Do refined work, shopping-sales, business, logic; begin new projects; communicate; meet old and make new friends; gain knowledge; get married; prepare medicines; do publications, press-release", "Get married; give out gifts; do charity; be open and generous; get high knowledge, learn meditation; talk to your master, children; make shopping (esp. huge things cars, furniture, etc.); make banking, manage money; begin new education", "Buy accessories, jewelery, clothes, flowers and any fine art or decorative things; get married; make court to the opposite sex; be a guest, be a host, invite guests; get pleasure; cook sweet food; pay attention to material things; banking; travel and do tourism", "Get a rest (taking rest at the Saturday makes your life much longer); seclude yourself from the fuss; practice meditation, yoga; do things related to iron, land, farming; housing; behave yourself; take care about health"); aNotToDo=new Array( "Do not be a slave of your own ego; do not be small-minded; try to not be inert or tied up; don't be lazy; don't lie; don't be rude and violent", "Don't adopt tough dececions ('cause feelings are prevailing now); don't do haircut and manicure; take care about feeling of others", "Don't begin new things; avoid traveling; pay twice more attention if you travel; beware of injuries, quarrel, fall-outs and accidents", "Avoid too much of excitment; avoid lie; don't bet on your balls; don't be secluded or too serious; don't be cruel or violent", "Don't let your anger to show up; don't be greedy, light-minded or violent; don't be lazy; don't be ungrateful; don't lie", "Don't sell big and important things; do not do your will today; don't be too sad; don't look forward to loneliness; don't do self-examination", "Don't do anything too important; don't begin anything new; try to stay out of feeling tired; don't put much force; don't argue; don't do haircut or manicure");