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About Fidonet in Russian

Region 46 -- Ukraine and Moldova

My Fidonet addresses:
  • 2:463/648 (Kiev, Ukraine)
  • 2:465/50 (Donetsk, Ukraine)
  • 2:467/648 (Odessa, Ukraine)
My Nodelist lines:
  • Pvt,648,,Kiev,Anton_Kuznetsov,-Unpublished-,300,MO,CM,IBN
  • ,50,ex-R46C,Donetsk,Anton_Kuznetsov,380-62-3373311,9600,V34,V32B,V42B,XX,CM
I am the moderator of the echo-conferences (Russian-speaking):
• XSU.TM -- TM and other Vedic Knowledges
• DONBASS.HELPING -- any help, question and answers...
• DONBASS.VEGETARIAN -- Vegetariantism, Ayurveda...
• DONBASS.COMMUNICATION -- telecommunications, telephony...
• KIEV.CITY -- About Kiev city. (co-moderator)

FidoNet documents

Fidonet NodeList

                    About Joining Fidonet

Fidonet membership is not to be taken lightly.  Every member has
certain responsibilities, set forth in Fidonet Policy 4.  There is
really only one rule -- that you run an FTS-0001 compliant mailer
during ZoneMailHour (ZMH) daily.

Fidonet is open to any and all comers who are able to meet the ZMH
technical requirement, but is not something you join on the spur of
the moment without understanding your responsibilities.  You will
really need to have at least a basic understanding of how Fidonet
and your FTS-0001 compliant software work.  The best way to gain
this knowledge is to both participate as a user on an existing Fido-
BBS, and to set up your own not-yet-linked-to-Fidonet BBS.  Once you
have a basic understanding of what Fidonet provides and how your
software does this, you are ready to proceed with joining as an
official member.

Don't let this scare you -- virtually nobody knows what's going on
when they first join.  There will be plenty of time for questions
and usually tons of help available to you later.  Waiting until you
have a little bit of understanding will simply ease the process for
both yourself and your Net Coordinator.  Remember that your NC is
just a hobbyist too, has plenty of work to do already, and often
has several other newcomers like yourself needing help at any 
given time.

How To Join Fidonet

Step 1:  Gain a basic understanding of Fidonet and your software.
         Download the POLICY4.ZIP document from a nearby FidoNet BBS.
         Read this thoroughly.  Then read it again.
         Do the same with your software's documentation.  You will
         also need a current copy of the Fidonet Nodelist.

Step 2:  Set up your BBS.  Make sure it operates correctly, to the
         best of your knowledge.

Step 3:  Follow, to the letter, the procedure outlined in POLICY4
         for joining Fidonet.  The request *MUST* come in as a
         Netmail message.  This shows the NC that your system is
         indeed capable of exchanging mail -- the basic requirement
         for membership.  Do NOT request a node number in a local
         message on your NC's system, it will only delay the
         process, and may even be simply ignored.

Step 4:  Be patient.  It may take up to 2 weeks for your request to
         be fully processed and appear in the Nodelist.  Remember
         that your NC may not be able to contact you at all until
         your address becomes official.

This is provided for INFORMATION only.  We do not have anything to
do with the process of assigning FidoNet Addresses.

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