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Прощальная редакторская статья Тома Дженнингса в FidoNews

FidoNews Vol.10 No.9 (1 March 1993)

 F I D O  N E W S --         |         Vol. 10 No. 9 (1 March 1993)
   A newsletter of the       |
   FidoNet BBS community     |         Published by:
           _                 |
          /  \               |        "FidoNews" BBS
         /|oo \              |         +1-415-863-2739
        (_|  /_)             | NEW!--> 1:1/23@FidoNet
         _`@/_ \    _        |         editor@fidonews.fidonet.org
        |     | \   \\       |
        | (*) |  \   ))      |         Editors:
        |__U__| /  \//       |          Tom Jennings
         _//|| _\   /        |          Tim Pozar
        (_/(_|(____/         |
              (jm)           |         Newspapers should have no friends.
                             |                         -- JOSEPH PULITZER
 FidoNews 10-09                 Page 1                       1 Mar 1993


 Editorial: Bye bye!! (boo hoo!)

 Well this is it, my final editorial. Next week's will be edited by
 Silvia Maxwell and Don Tees. Say hi to them. (Hi!)

 Today is a momentous day for me. I'm moving into a new apartment this
 very day, tomorrow my phone lines get swapped over. As soon as I
 finish this, I have to pack more boxes aand drag 'em over. We're
 moving from out in the boonies to the heart of the Mission; 16th St
 between Mission and Valencia. The three little holes in my windows
 turned out to be bullet holes! (22 or 25 cal.) The glass is
 double-paned, and I was able to locate the trajectory. Later, I pull
 down the shade, and there's matching holes! Yipes! Oh well, instead of
 a 45 minute walk to the cafe, it's about 120 seconds, a vast
 improvement. No more do I have to pay $1 for a bus, down on the corner
 I can buy a "late nite" (daily bus transfer) for 25 cents! ("I love,
 livin' in the city!" -- FEAR)

 I digress.

 Oh, probably there'll be small mistakes made, but be helpful and nice.
 Our new editors have to decipher my 4DOS batch files, and generate a
 newsletter that's at least recognizable and somehow get it to 1:13/13.
 In a week.

 I look forward to seeing what changes they make. I failed to keep one
 promise, that of revamping the newsletter format from "line printer"
 format to online readable. I really blew the "Ask EFF!" project,
 though Shari Steele is hanging in there raring to go.

 Think back on all the little wars we've had... Zone 2 hassles... Z1C
 "process" or lack of... POLICYx... encryption... I'm begging off just
 in time to miss the "Caller ID" wars -- YAY!!! (You know it's time to
 leave when...)

 It's been fun, really!! Even the hard parts I learned a lot, about
 taking my lumps when necessary, and staying the hell out of local

 So ta-ta, I'll see you out in the cloud...

 My BBS is going to go offline for a while, probably a month or two,
 starting this week. I will have an email address however, but it's on
 the Internet. It's


 My old DOS machine is now running 386BSD and directly connected to the
 internet. In itself an interesting story, and one you'll probably see
 in these pages and BOARDWATCH magazine.

 Anyways -- you can email me from FidoNet, via certain FidoNet nodes
 flagged "GUUCP". Those are UFGATE sites, that have one foot each in
 FidoNet and Internet. There's a bunch of then. The way it works is
 you send a message to one of those FidoNet addresses, with certain
 magicwords placed within the message itself, that the UFGATE software
 detects. These are: the "to:" field being the single word UUCP. The
 VERY FIRST line of the message formatted exactly as:

 to: tomj@fido.wps.com

 With at least one completely blank line following it. After that, put
 your real message. Make sure you have the address (ie. the to: line
 embedded in the message body) correct, otherwise your message won't
 make it.


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